Christian Parenting Audio Files / MP3s

Here are some great parenting resources. I probably don't agree with every detail shared in every talk, but I know most of these speakers personally, and I have a deep respect for everything they share. I think they will encourage and challenge you.

Raising Amazing Disciples - Steve and Kathleen Nelson -12/28/2009, Faithwalkers 2009
Parenting in the Foundational Years / handout - Steve and Kathleen Nelson -12/28/2007, Faithwalkers 2007
The Toddler Years / handout - Kathleen Nelson, 12/29/2007, Faithwalkers 2007
The Shaping of a Christian Family / handout - Steve and Kathleen Nelson, Front Range Family Conference, March 2006

We heard this seminar in 2000 when we had four kids and were really starting to get excited about parenting.
It's got some great stuff!:
Getting Your Family to Mars, Mark Darling

Parenting Before the Cement Sets up: Part 1, Part 2 - Rick Whitney, 6/14/2009

A few miscellaneous ones:

And here's one for your kids on honoring your parents:
Honor Your Father & Mother - Mike & Rita Bergen, Faithwalkers 2007



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