Motherhood Seminar CDs


This motherhood conference was given by Kathleen Nelson in January 2007. It has greatly impacted many families and we hope it will impact yours as well! The CDs have been edited and split up into smaller tracks for listening ease.

There are 6 CDs with a total of nearly 7 1/2 hours of mothering input. (CDs are on CD-Rs, so you need to have CD-R playback capability, as is the case with most newer CD players.)

Price: US $14.95

Motherhood notes: The non-copyrighted part of the seminar notebook is available here: (Word/PDF)
We are not going to make copies of the binders. We’ve obtained permission to copy many of the articles in the notebooks, but that does not extend to copies outside of the use for which we’ve requested. So because of copyright issues, we will not have the binders available in their seminar format.

Please contact us if you would like to do a seminar in your city.

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